Ancestral Therapy Flashback – Remembrance of lost history: Dahna: Megami Tanjō (Dahna: Birth of a Goddess)

Video games that reveal important ancestral history of the oldest governance system in the world: Matriarchy. This is a rare gem lost in time about the most ancient of the Celtic and Irish deities: Dana, the Great Mother Goddess.

Dahna: Megami Tanjō (Dahna 女神誕生, Dahna: Goddess’ Birth) is a 1991 platform action game developed by and published by IGS for the Mega Drive exclusively in Japan and South Korea. Player controls the title character who struggles against the powers of an evil sorceress raiding her village. The story is told through cut scenes and Dahna was helped along the way by various mythical beasts.

Plot: In ancient times, there lived a wealthy family whose heirs were two daughters. The older daughter was named Regine, and the younger Dahna. These two sisters were born with an exceptional powers from a very young age, that could enable them to summon the elements and other impossible things. It was this magic that many evil man within the spiritual underworld lusted after, particularly Regine whose powers grew stronger with age.

On Dahna’s seventh birthday, their parents lost their lives to a trap they had laid, and Regine was taken away. Dahna, hidden beneath the wreckage of the carriage, was fortunate enough to avoid any harm.

And so 10 years passed. The orphaned Dahna had been adopted by a magician by the name of Magh, living in the village of Horn. Under his supervision she worked to unleash her hidden powers. One day while she was out on an errand, Horn was attacked by a force led by an evil sorceress. She rushed back just in time to see Magh being dragged away.

And so as if guided by fate, Dahna set out on a lone journey eastward to rescue him.

Click here to play this game online

The Triscele of Dana Mother Earth Goddess

The natural direction of life is that of the Spiral,
a balanced, continuous movement winding towards the Cosmic or Spiritual Center.

The Spiral was a Sacred Symbol to all Ancient peoples.
It demonstrated the Eternal Rhythm of Life. The Triple Spiral design is unique to the Celtic peoples. This ancient design adorns their most Sacred places and represents the Trinity of Life in its many forms i.e. Body, Mind, and Spirit. Most significantly, it represents the Goddess of Her matriarchal people in her forms of Maiden, Mother, and Old Wise Woman. The one continuous line of the Triscele interlaces within itself representing the “Thread of Life” woven by the “Three Fates.”

Our Spiral symbolizes the Eternal Path of one’s undying Spirit through the course of life, death, and rebirth. Following the spiral path can induce a meditative state leading to transcendence from the mundane to the spiritual!

Artist Chris Bennett writes: “Across the mists of time and throughout many civilizations, the number three has been a powerful icon. To the pre-Celtic people of Ireland, the Tuatha de Danann, all forms of life go through three stages. The first stage starts with the Creation of each “spark” of Life. From the moment of birth, each Soul experiences the same trials and suffering of every plant and animal. Each spark is reborn from one shell to the next, going through all life situations until it reaches a state of “ALBRED” and is ready for the second stage, the human experience. Within this stage all facets of human life are explored and understood, as the soul is reborn countless times. This cycle continues until the spark reaches “GWYNFYD” or “purity“. The ancient bards defined this state as “life manifested as a pure rejoicing force having attained its triumph over “Evil.” Like all rivers reaching the sea, the Soul will eventually reach the third stage of life, called “CEUGANT”. Within this cycle the soul becomes Pure Consciousness and merges with the Universe.

The design style of this “Danna’s Triad” is called “vegetal” as it is composed of stylized vines and leaves. This design is based on one found on a bronze relic called a horn cap (the handle on a chariot or saddle) which was found in the Thames river and dates to about the fourth century B.C. Symbolically, the vegetal style reminds us to respect nature and all forms of life therein. This emblem helps the wearer remember that every plant, animal and being encountered is the housing for a Soul on its path towards the Enlightenment. – Source

Mystical Awakening of Virgo and Dana


PRIESTESS: Divine Dana, Star Goddess of Atlantis, Mother of the Gods and Goddesses of Ireland, inspiring the magical Arts and bestowing bounty throughout the whole earth, we invoke Thy aid, that in this hard age of fear we may know Thy Many-coloured Land!

ORACLE: Know that the Many Coloured Land of Tir na nOg is with all who know the future with visionary eyes, for Tir na nOg, Hy Brasil, Emhain, exist in All Time. The beauties of that place is seen by small children who play on dappled lawns, and gaze with wondering eyes at flower and butterfly and many-hued insects. Through the present come to Me! For the present is your Gate to Heaven. When worldly cares veil true vision, the passions clog the bright Fire-blood that courses through the spiritual body, when evil emotions of anger, envy and jealousy corrode the soul, then not even the present is noticed or enjoyed! Life for the dulled soul imprisoned in foolish preoccupations and unhealthy feelings is no life but rather an existence, that flees by in passing time; yet to the depleted soul it is a long drawn-out waste land of boredom, excited only by transient stimulation. Thus a whole life-time may be wasted by those with eyes that cannot see, ears that cannot hear, and a spiritual will unused.

Awaken! The glories of past civilisations, the dawn of consciousness, the memories of lives spent through a myriad of forms are all there for the initiate who, through total awareness of the present, attains experience of the past. Through understanding the past of the earth, the wonderful creatures, the human race, the soul gains understanding, and through understanding, wisdom.

Thus the soul is prepared for the Second Birth, the return to the innocence of angel childhood. In this state, the intellect is put aside, and the traveller in time enters into a new realm that for most of humanity is still the future! Ideal beings and trees and plants and animals are seen transposed, as it were, over dark cities with their ugly factories. The Golden Age shines for those who have, through awareness and the practice of the virtues, regained the use of psychic eyes and ears and feelings. This new awakening brings with it the fruit of past experience, so the wisdom of the sage is combined with childlike innocence. The harvest is reaped from the reenacting of past lives, and the growing of the seeds therefrom is the task of the present, that the glorious future gardens of delight may be manifested. – Source


Celtic Women’s Spirituality: Accessing the Cauldron of Life

People of the Goddess Dana

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