Automattic, the company behind WordPress wants to build the operating system of the web to track, steal and control everyone with cloud computing and artificial intelligence!

I want to thank those who censored me and deleted my WordPress personal diary because WordPress is an obsolete, slow platform with cunning policies and ulterior motives that is clearly following diabolical agendas and being complicit in censoring uncomfortable information! They want money and power, that’s all! In the Internet of the Future there is no place for cowards or for platforms that censor information and knowledge! WordPress represents 33% of the internet (meaning it’s a monopoly disguised as open source, and what a masonic number, WordPress powers 33% of the web, it’s a centralized monopoly!) WordPress is involved with other criminal monopolies billionaires at Google who killed the Internet. Note that WordPress never implemented video sharing from alternative monetized platforms like BitChute or Archive! Although WordPress represents 33% of the old internet with a slow and obsolete system, I hope that in the telepathic Internet of the Future there is no WordPress or Google at all!

The time has come to expose the fraud of WordPress and its evil schemes to control the internet and the world. WordPress is a Malware through security plugins, mainly JetPack and “WordPress Security Plugins”, these are Trojan Horses to track everyone, it was a way for intelligence agencies (who are terrorists) to infiltrate the WordPress community to subvert, corrupt, trace and control WordPress users through security plugins and realtime monitoring and tracing! That is why WordPress is very slow with these plugins installed because they are monitoring and tracking everything! They are tracing everyone through security systems! These security plugins are malwares and are being sold and installed on all WordPress sites for spying, for tracking IPs and for stealing personal data and personal information from all WordPress users! And all of this in the name of false security! They hold with one hand and steal with both!

Automattic is a Trojan that automatically capture personal data into the Cloud Computing to feed the artificial intelligence in the name of Trust & Safety. WordPress is a Trojan that has access to personal data of users and those who access sites hosted with the WordPress platform, they do predictive programming to predict the future and control the world. For that they need to centralize the Web through an Operating System (WordPress) to track & trace everyone around the world, this is done with centralized platforms, security systems, Smart technology, mobile phones, televisions, computers and social networks because people everything they do they publish on social networks and blogs and everything they look for on the internet is being tracked by the operating systems and security systems of mobile phones and computers that send personal data to the Cloud Computing to program artificial intelligence to control people with predictive programming and that is why security systems software companies have tentacles everywhere, on all devices and across society at a personal, business, political and State level, they are everywhere with their security systems (trojans) installed because the tracking of all information on the network and all personal data are being tracked in realtime and captured by security systems in the name of false security!

Security systems and operating systems are capturing all personal data from everyone around the world and send that information to Cloud Computing to feed artificial intelligence to do predictive programming to standardize people into groups (predictive programming bubbles) to control people by giving them what the artificial intelligence think they want based on the tracing of personal information, this ends up preventing people from taking new actions in their lives and from following new paths because they are conditioned to what is shown, sold, suggested. They get stuck in a bubble, in a closed circle, in a circular and predictive movement (because people don’t get out of that circle of information that AI makes based on the personal data it collects and keeps in Cloud Computing and all of this being done through security systems in the name of a false security.